Henry Was Told That He Had A Year To Live. He Was Also Given This Advice By His Doctor.

Henry was shifting in his seat when his doctor told him he only had a year to live.

“But there has to be something you can do, doc!” Henry pleaded; but to no avail, the doctor only shook his head.

Henry persisted, “Well if there is no cure, what can I do to gain some time?”

The doctor looked down at his clipboard, thoughtful, his brow lifted slightly as he spoke softly,
“Well, Henry, you could get yourself an old truck with no radio, a job in retail, a dog that won’t listen, and a mean woman to live with.”

Henry, somewhat confused, “But doc, how will all that help me live longer?”

The doctor smirked…

“Oh, it won’t; but it will sure feel like fricking forever.”