A Man Was Driving His Car Along A Dirt Road. Then The Strangest Thing Happened To Him.

A man is driving his car along a dirt road when the car suddenly stops for no apparent reason. The man has the hood up and is looking at the engine when he hears a voice behind him say: “It’s your carburetor. If you clean it, the car will start.”

He looks around, but there is not a soul in sight in either direction. Then, he notices a white horse with its head over the pasture fence next to the road.

The horse looks at him and says: “It’s your carburetor. If you clean it, the car will start.”

The man does as he is told. He unscrews the wing-nut, takes out the carburetor and knocks it against his foot. Sure enough, a little dirt rolls and falls into the middle of the road. He gets back into the car, and it starts immediately as soon as he turns the key in the ignition.

He rolls down the window, and says to the horse: “Thank You.”

-“Oh, you’re very welcome.” replies the horse.

The man keeps driving until he reaches the first pub he can find. He gets out, goes to the bar, and starts downing drinks one after the other.

Overcome with curiosity, the bartender finally comes over and asks the man if anything is wrong.

-“Yeah, but you’d never believe if I told you,” responds the man.

-“Try me.” said the bartender.

-“Well, my car stopped out on this road. I had the hood up, and I was trying to figure out what was wrong, when suddenly I heard this voice behind me telling me that the carburetor was dirty. I looked up and down the road, but there was no one in sight. Then, I noticed a white horse with his head over the fence. It turned out that the horse was actually doing the speaking. For sure, the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!”

-“Well, you got lucky.” says the bartender.

-“Lucky? I met a talking white horse and you say I got lucky?!” says the man.

-“Yeah, you got lucky you met the white horse.” answers the bartender, “There is also a black horse in that pasture, and he doesn’t know squat about cars.”