A Man Moved From Russia To America. He Tried His Best To Learn The English Language!

A man moves from Russia to America without knowledge of English.

The man decides to learn English by listening to people speak the language and add it to his own vocabulary. First, he walks past a shop and hears, “yes.”

Then he walks by a restaurant and hears, “forks and knifes.”

Then he walks by a park and hears, “he stole my balloon!”

He ends by walking into a graveyard. He passes by a grave of a man who’s killer is a mystery, with a cop who spent most of his career trying to catch a killer.

Out of the blue, the cop asked him, “did you kill this man?”

He decides to use his acquired vocabulary to talk the cop.

– “Yes.”

-“What did you do it with?”

-“Forks and knifes.”

-“Why did you do it?”

-“He stole my balloon!”