4 Friends Were Walking On A Road Until A Bunny Stopped Them. This Followed.

4 friends were walking on a road until a bunny stopped them. The bunny said that he will kill all 4 of the guys unless each of them goes into the nearby forest and bring back 10 roundish fruit. The 4 friends went into the forest in search of 10 round fruit.

The first friend came back with 10 apples. The bunny said, “Shove them all up to your butt and you are free to go.” The first guy began to put each apple into his butt but he died by the fourth apple.

The second friend came back a bit later and brought with him 10 oranges. The bunny gave him the same orders but the 2nd guy died after just 3 oranges up in his butt.

The third friend came back bringing 10 grapes. The bunny told him what to do and the guy started plucking each grape up his butt one after the other. When he got to the final grape, he drops dead started laughing. He was laughing so much that he ended up dying of laughter.

The third friend met the first two friends in heaven and the two friends asked him, “Why the hell did you start laughing? You were almost there, just one more grape to go!”

The third friend replied, “I know, but right when I was about to put the last grape up my butt, I saw our last guy coming down the hill with 10 pineapples.”