A Blonde And Her Boyfriend Went On A Date To A Steakhouse. It Went Like This!

A blonde and her boyfriend go on a date to a steakhouse and the blonde mentions how healthy she is, and is making sure to listen to her doctor about what types of food she eats.

The boyfriend doesn’t care much, and orders a New York Strip, medium rare. The blonde orders the same steak, but cooked well done. When the food arrives, the boyfriend’s steak is deliciously juicy and plump and is basically bleeding on the plate. The blonde’s steak, however, is flat and dry, burnt to a crisp.

The blonde longingly stares at her boyfriend’s medium rare steak and keeps saying how good it looks. The boyfriend, confused, asks her if she likes the medium rare steak so much, why she didn’t just order hers the same way, instead of getting hers totally black and burnt. The blonde replies, “Oh, well I can’t because my doctor says I shouldn’t eat red meat”.