There Were 2 Alaskan Performers Who Loved Performing. But There Was A Small Problem!

There’s two Alaskan performers, a man and his wife, who love nothing more on a Friday night than to go to the local bar and treat the regulars to their rendition of a selection of classical duets.

One day the couple decide to travel the world, going to Africa first. When they begin performing at the local bar, the bartender comes up to them demanding money. Confused, they pay up then leave.

Next, they go to Asia, performing as always and it happens again, a bartender comes over and demands money from the couple. Confused, they pay up then leave.

Their last stop is the UK, but as always, the bartender comes up to them. “Oi,” he says, “that’ll be £10” Finally being sick of it, the wife demands an explanation “Tell us,” she says, “why has everyone been demanding money when we perform? No one bothers us in Alaska!”

-“Well, of course,” he says, “that’s Alaska. Its free-sing up there!”