Blonde Newlywed Wanted To Surprise Her New Husband On His Birthday. So This Occurred.

A blonde newlywed is eager to surprise her new husband on his birthday, so she decides to cook his favorite meal.

Since her cooking talents revolve heavily around grilled cheese sandwiches and microwave meals, she calls his mother for the recipe.

Full of confidence, and with specific instructions, she heads to the market to purchase everything she needs then returns home to start the preparations.

After a long day at work, the husband is looking forward to having a nice dinner and relaxing, unaware of the plans of his bride.

By the time he arrives home at their house in the country it has gotten dark, and as he pulls into the yard, he catches sight of his wife sitting on the ground outside.

As he approaches her, he can tell she is upset and crying. He kneels beside her, taking her into his arms, and asks her what is wrong.

-“I wanted to make that meat dish you love so much as a surprise for your birthday,” she says between sobs. “I called your mom for the recipe and everything so I could get it just right!”

-“Awww, honey, I’m sure it will be just fine,” he says reassuringly. “But why are you out here against the pump house, in the dark, and in tears?”

-“Because as I was making it for you the instructions on one of the ingredients said to ‘shake well before using’. I can’t even get it to wiggle!”