A Dad Told His Son This Super Cheesy Joke. And Let Me Warn You, It’s Super Cheesy!

Super cheesy joke my dad told me over the holiday:

Three ropes walk into a bar. The first rope walks up to the bar and orders three drinks.

The bartender gruffly says, “We don’t serve your kind here!”

Walking back to his friends, the rope relays the news.

The second rope says, “Let me give it a try.” Upon reaching the bar he’s also quickly rebuffed by the bartender. “I already told your friend, we don’t serve ropes here.”

He returns to his friends, dejected.

Then the third rope begins tying himself up multiple times, finally fluffing up the end sticking out the top. He now confidently approaches the bar.

The bartender, slightly caught off guard, says, “Hey aren’t you one of those ropes?”

-“Nope,” he replies. “I’m a frayed knot.”

(I did warn you on the front end that it was cheesy!)