A Guy Turns On The TV And Catches A Game. He Then Asked His Wife To Bring Him This!

A guy comes home, takes off his coat and makes his way to the living room. He turns on the TV and catches a game. He sits on his favorite couch then kicks back and relaxes. He then addresses his wife in the kitchen, “Honey! Bring me a cold one from the fridge before it begins!”

And so the wife brings him a beer from the fridge which he promptly drinks.

“Honey! Another cold one before it begins”, the man says again.

And the wife brings him a second beer, which the man also drinks in a few sips.

“Honey! Bring me another one before…” He starts.

To which the wife starts shouting, “Ever since you’ve arrived you’ve been relaxing on the couch and drinking beer while I’m preparing the meal for the both of us even though I also had a shitty day at work and…”

-There, now it begins.