John Wasn’t Doing His Work And Was Drifting Off To Sleep. His Teacher Has Had Enough!

As usual for John, he wasn’t doing his work and was drifting off to sleep. His teacher saw this every day, but generally ignored him.

So, as the semester goes by, John does the same thing every day. Then, on one of the last days of the semester, Mrs. Meyers, the French teacher, says to him:

-“John, you have been in my class for nearly a semester and yet you have done no work. You are certain to fail my class and you seem to not care at all. I’m so confident that you have learned nothing that if you can say one sentence in French, I will pass you in my class with an A.”

John looks up in utter surprise at the proposition and wants to seize the opportunity. But, he knows not a word of French. So, he blurts out the most French sounding thing he can think of:

-“I surrender!”