Policeman Was Walking Near A Lake. He Noticed A Man Doing Something He Shouldn’t!

A policeman is walking near a lake. He noticed a man with a bucket full of fish. No one is allowed to fish in that lake unless you have a license, so the police goes up to him and says

-“May I see your fishing license please? If you don’t have one then I’m afraid I have to give you a ticket of $500.”

The fisherman responds with, “Oh I don’t have any license. You only need the license for fishing, but I’m here to let my fish swim. You see, I let my fish swim 45 minutes a day and then when I whistle they come back and I take them home.”

The policeman starts laughing and says,

-“Do they come back when you whistle? I don’t believe you!”

-“I can prove it to you!” Says the fisherman.

-“Go ahead!” Says the policeman while still laughing.

The fisherman released the fish into the water. They wait a couple of minutes. Finally, the policeman gets annoyed and asks,

-“When are you gonna whistle so the fish can come back?”

The fisherman looks at him in confusion and says,

-“Fish? What are you talking about?”