Murphy And Clancy Were Walking Past A Church. Then Murphy Got This Idea!

Murphy and Clancy were walking past a church when Murphy said: “I think it’s time for me to confess my sins”.

Murphy went inside and confessed to the priest that he had had sex with a woman. The priest said “Listen, Murphy, I recognize your voice and this is certainly not the first time. I want to know who the lady was this time”

Murphy answered “Absolutely not! You cannot ask me such questions!” “I won’t grant you absolution unless you tell me her name” the priest answered.

“Was it O’Reilly‚Äôs sister?” The priest asked, and Murphy kept quiet. “How about Harrington’s widow?!” The priest prompted, but Murphy was still quiet. “All right. For the last time, is it Flanagan’s girl?” The priest asked and Murphy said, “for the last time, I won’t say!”. “Fine!” The priest said. “Then I won’t forgive your sins”.

Murphy went outside and met his friend Clancy, who asked “well? Did you get your sins repented?”. Murphy answered “no, but I got 3 good tips!”